Are you ready to heal your exercise resistance, unlock an empowered mindset and feel motivated to move in a way that works for your lifestyle so you can feel energised in your body, your business and your life?

Do you…

Wish you could enjoy exercise more?

Worry about the impact that being sedentary is having on your health?

Feel like there are not enough hours in the day to exercise? (And wonder how other women fit it in).

Want to be healthier, but lack the willpower to get moving?

Feel secretly afraid you don’t have what it takes to transform your body and health?

Any of that sound familiar?

You’re not alone.

COVID has caused numerous changes in our lives these last two years.

Like many women I’ve worked with, you probably don’t want to run a marathon or join a gym, but you do want to take care of your physical, mental and emotional health by exercising more regularly in a way that works for your lifestyle.


  • Imagine moving your body every day in a way that feels aligned to your soul’s goals— without joining a sweaty gym (unless you want to).
  • Knowing how to create a lasting exercise habit that lights you up inside and fits alongside your work and family commitments.
  • Imagine going from feeling regret about your lack of activity during lockdown to feeling excited by your daily activity (it’s a joy, and you crave it!)
  • Picture feeling that sense of pride and newfound confidence because you’re walking your talk, role-modelling healthy habits and looking after your body.

These are the exact results from clients who once felt the same way you do around exercise.

If you’re dreaming of finally creating a consistent, enjoyable, and lifelong exercise habit, why not support yourself with Get Up?

Get Up: Motivated to Move helps you energise your body, business, and life, by taking you from procrastinating and being full of excuses to creating an exercise habit you love — in just 21 days.

It’s a three-week self-study programme that follows a transformational yet simple step-by-step plan.

So you can create an easy, enjoyable and lasting exercise habit, giving you long-term freedom from the sedentary habits that became ‘normal’ this last year.

What’s included:

  • A powerful hypnotherapy session so you can free yourself from previous exercise trauma and childhood wounds and get to the root of why you avoid exercise. Unlock a more empowered mindset, so you feel motivated to move in a way that works for your lifestyle.
  • You’ll also get my motivated to move formula and other practical techniques you need to feel supported and know the right action to take after the inner healing you go through.
  • You’ll receive all the tools I share with 1:1 clients (and use myself), so daily movement feels enjoyable, including my excuse eliminator workshop so you can confidently break free from old habits, blocks and excuses.

What would it be like if you…

Were EASILY able to create the time to move your body— it never felt like a chore again.

Felt delight and pleasure (rather than pain) when you thought about exercise, and you knew you had a lifetime supply of motivation?

Trusted you were keeping NY’s promises to yourself (and as a bonus, shifted those pesky lockdown pounds)?

Why it’s different from other programmes

The PT sessions you’ve paid for, the gyms you’ve joined, and the books you’ve read haven’t worked in the long term because they didn’t address the unconscious ‘stuff’ causing you to sabotage by avoiding exercise.

Get Up addresses the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves from childhood that are stored in the unconscious mind that have prevented you from enjoying exercise and living in a healthy, happy body.

I’m Avril.

And I love helping women like you re-ignite their inner sparkle.

Having overcome my own 20-year struggle with bulimia, emotional eating, and body shame, I’m passionate about helping other women do the unconscious healing work that is necessary so you can feel peaceful, energised, and joyful in your body.