Are your lockdown drinking habits lingering?

 You’re not alone.
COVID has caused countless changes in our lives.

"I want to reduce my drinking" is something I hear from many clients.
So, if you’re dreaming of having more control around your drinking habits, why not support yourself with Ease Up?

Ease Up is a 21-day self-study programme that gives you the mindset tools to re-set unhealthy drinking habits and achieve tangible, long-term freedom from the habits that have become ‘normal’ during COVID.


Being able to EASILY stopper the bottle of wine — without feeling deprived. (Hear that sigh of relief from your bank account!)

Developing an empowered mindset so you can gradually reduce your alcohol consumption in a way that works for you. 

Transforming your relationship with alcohol (and yourself) and getting on track with your health goals.


If lockdown stress has caused you to reach for alcohol more frequently, and you’d like reduce your drinking, this course is designed for you.

Like many of the women I work with, you might not want to go tee-total, but you DO want to feel in control around alcohol. (Or maybe you do want to stop drinking altogether - you choose!)

Thinking of doing Dry July? Ease Up is a wonderful way to support yourself!


  3 powerful recorded hypnotherapy sessions to help you unlock a more empowered mindset so you can reduce your alcohol consumption gradually.

- 1 x 15-minute daily support audio to keep your new healthy habits top of mind.

- 3 x coaching workshops so you can transform your relationship with alcohol and get on track with your health goals.


This is a one-time only offer which I’m providing at a heavily reduced price to help more women have access to these important habit change tools.
 Strictly 48 hours ONLY for AU$111 (price goes back to AU$397 Sunday 11pm)

  • 1X Payment
  • $111 AUD

    Ease Up is a 21-day programme that gives you the mindset tools so you can reduce drinking without deprivation.

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Ease Up starts Wednesday 29th June, the content is released over 3 weeks.
(Since it's self-study, you can begin when you’re ready).  
You have life-time access.  

Ease Up is for you if...  

•you're committed to improving your health  
•you want to re-set your drinking habits  
•you're ready to embrace a peaceful relationship with alcohol